Attractions & Activities

There are 3 golf courses on Fort Morgan, Kiva is located right next door to Surfside Shores and the Peninsula and Gulf Shores courses are about 10 miles east.  Also available on Fort Morgan are charter fishing boats, Jet Ski  Kayak, and bicycle rentals. The mobile bay is one of the best fishing areas in the US.  There is also on shore fishing and its easy to get a 1-week fishing permit.  For Shopping there is the Orange Beach Wharf (Restaurants & Shopping) and Foley’s outlet mall is 30 minutes away.  Also, located in Foley is the new OWA amusement park with a full day of entertainment, rides, shopping and restaurants.  The blue angles museum is located in west Pensacola about an hour away - well worth the drive and its free.  Also, an hour away is the WW2 USS Alabama ship tours.    Just new, a few miles from the house is a  new large Dollar store that has almost everything you would need.